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Welcome page

Dear visitor! I welcome you on this page. It's purpose is to present a few things about Anchor Building Blocks, their past and present.

We think that these building blocks are more that mere toys. A simple box may well be a child's pastime. A chest of almost 4,000 stones that can be purchased at the price of a car can hardly be presented as a toy. There has to be a reason for sane minded grown-ups to spend such amounts of money and time on building blocks.

Browsing through the menu system, the visitor can find smaller writings about the past and present of the blocks, the products made a century ago and today, and pictures about buildings made using them. There also is a list to be found containing useful internet addresses in this domain, including the factory's home page, the Dutch Friends of Anchor Club's address, a monthly newsletter, etc.
In the Downloads section there are a few useful documents, building plans, and a book about this subject. The row is closed by a news topic.

In the Impressum section the visitor may find an e-mail address to contact the maker of this site.